Cosmopolitan Couple

Traveling Together Around the World!

After Iguazu Falls, our next point of destination was Mar del Plata. There was no other way for us to go there, but to fly at first to Buenos Aires (where staying over the night) and then to take a bus to Mar del Plata the following day. "Own" hotel, where we stayed for that night, was very nice. I do not remember us to have any any particular impressions about it but I remember that we liked it overall.

…coming for having a breakfast in the "Nisanyan" restaurant… It’s a charming little nook!

Hurray! This is the most excited day of the trip! Machu Picchu! We had to wake up early and to go there using the train (more then 2 hours in a way) and the bus (less then an hour). There is our train and the breakfast what was included to the ticket price (we used second class train). The third photo of the Machu Picchu picture shows that it forms created by the nature the Inca’s face :) In reality it is not really so but Peruvians made this legend about it (I think mostly for the tourists) and if you want to see it you will :)