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I have been amazed by Ukrainians who live in the villages and work very hard to grow their own fruits and vegetables. It has been a part of Ukrainian mentality: those people who live in the villages do not rely on a food system but grow their food for themselves and/or to sell. I wanted Clinton to see this farming side of Ukraine. And we got a chance! We were invited to the village to visit an old lady who lives by herself and spends her time growing food for the families of her two grown-up children who live in the city. Having a little tour through her garden, we heard how she works from morning till evening growing all her vegetables and fruits. It was our good experience at July 12-th. She was a sweet, happy, friendly lady and as bonus from her we were given some fruit and vegetables to take home :)

After Iguazu Falls, our next point of destination was Mar del Plata. There was no other way for us to go there, but to fly at first to Buenos Aires (where staying over the night) and then to take a bus to Mar del Plata the following day. "Own" hotel, where we stayed for that night, was very nice. I do not remember us to have any any particular impressions about it but I remember that we liked it overall.

Next day we also visited the Arequipa local food market! Our guide (who was a worker from our hotel and made a city excursion for us) said it was designed by the same constructor who made a plan for building Eiffel Tower!  

There were different vegetables and fruits … various types of corns and potatoes (even white dried)… olives and olive oil… cheeses… and lots other different “things” some of which I’ve never seen before… Btw Peruvians grow really lots of corn (35 varieties) and potatoes (thousands of varieties that vary by size, shape, color, and other sensory characteristics).

Our breakfast in the "Sheraton Panama hotel" where we stayed for a night before going to Bocas del Toro from Panama city. We liked everything about this hotel but breakfast wasn’t that great. There was really poor choice on everything. What we chose is the best and the only option we could choose. No variety at all and … no good croissants for Clinton! (lol) He had to eat some pancakes instead (what wasn’t that tasty).

The Valhalla in Antigua Guatemala is a beautiful macadamia farm, fighting poverty & global warning through the education of the public about the environment. They seek to reverse the global warming and to assist indigenous people in the developing self-sustaining agriculture. It was great to take the tour in this Valhalla Macadamia Farm in Antigua Guatemala for getting new educative, entertaining and also “delicious” experience (last because of their lunch that includes amazing pancakes with macadamia dressing:)!