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After exploring Guanajuato, just before leaving the city, we stopped for a lunch at “Tasca Paz”. The location of the restaurant is excellent! It is in the very heart of Guanajuato - the Plaza of Peace, facing the basilica, a statue of woman and other beautiful buildings. We enjoyed sitting outside looking around :) Also we liked the salads we ordered. They were not amazing, but they actually tasted better then we expected and their presentation looked very nice :) We left Guanajuato with positive and pleasant memories.

The bistro "Maximo" in Mexico City is in our top list of the best places we have ever eaten! Without exaggeration!

The restaurant itself looked non-pretentious, but there was not a single table available the first time we came, so it did not happen for us to dine there. That’s why we made a reservation for the next day and came to have our last lunch in Mexico City. We left this special place very satisfied!

The food was just exceptional! So delicious! So artful! It was just the way we love. Not quantity, but quality of the meal with its amazing flavors! No doubt, it is gourmet food to love! 

When we travel somewhere for the first time, we are always anxious about our upcoming meals. As real foodies, we hope to have a good options for us, otherwise, we might stay unsatisfied about the visited country.
For our first lunch in Mexico City we choose the restaurant called “Amimanera” that is located in a great spot overviewing Zocalo, formally known as Plaza de la Constitucion (huge public plaza in the heart of Mexico City, with most of the major attractions lying close by). We ordered salads and, luckily, stayed absolutely happy about our light simple lunch and the view that we enjoyed from the second flour of the restaurant :)