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Oh, I remember this terrible travel experience! Arriving to the airport much earlier before our flight back to Buenos Aires, we had at least an hour to spent there. It would not be a problem if our flight would not be delayed for more then another hour… Seemed we missed our dinner time in Buenos Aires… And as far as we did not have lunch before we left Iguazu Falls we had to eat at the airport cafe. What could foodies like us order there? This was the best option: the salad and the toasts. Well, it turned to be too boring, too plain and too far behind our expectations and hope. But we ate it anyway. It is better then starving. 

Such experiences teach us more and more to appreciate and to really enjoy gourmet meals made of fresh, good quality products.

Visiting new country, we are always excited to try the cuisine there. The first day of exploring Buenos Aires, the first stop for a lunch. We chose the restaurant "The New Brighton" that looked really nice. Although restaurant looks fancy, we were disappointed in food itself. In the menu it sounded amazing, but in real life it looked so-so and did not have much taste to it. We chose there vegetarian options that had to be salads, but as a result we were given raw vegetable not mixing in a salad and some stuff of boiled vegetables that did not taste amazing (lacking flavor and been to oily).

Overall, this restaurant took the place of “average” restaurants in our list. And maybe they make an amazing meat options, I do not know, but doubtfully we would eat there again. 

It is a dinner we had in an Old City of Dubrovnik. I do not remember where it was but now, looking at these photos, I think it looks yummy :) Although honestly I remember we weren’t super satisfied with our meal. Why? Probably we felt lack of salad. Well, when menu says “shrimps with salad” you understand it as real salad not as few green leaves :|