Cosmopolitan Couple

Traveling Together Around the World!

Agora restaurant with its balcony noticeable at the top of the Agora hotel was our dining place for a few times. We liked to take the separated table on the balcony where we had a privacy and an interesting experience of looking outside while having our meals. I remember how much Clinton wanted Ukrainian deruni (or draniki) and how difficult it was to find them in Crimea (which is surprisingly). So Clinton asked the waiter of Agora why they did not have any draniki on the menu? On which waiter invited us to come the next day offering Clinton to make draniki specially for him! We were happy to come back and Clinton enjoyed his Ukrainian meal. Although my mom’s draniki are still the best :) 

Fratelli Ristorante & Enoteca has been considered one of the best restaurants in Odessa. The chef is of a real Italian origin so he knows how to make the food in the best way. The menu is changed based on a season, and all the ingredients beautifully put together and perfectly combined for the better taste benefit. The prices are high (relatively to other Odessa restaurants) but you pay for quality. Besides food, we were amazed by wonderful service! When the server did something wrong (now I cannot remember what), we were given a plate of fresh fruit for dessert :) Well, thanks! We think it is really a wonderful place to dine.

Clinton does not live without a few pieces of dark chocolate right after a meal as a healthy dessert :)

Nice little restaurant “Clara Bara” is located in the garden area of the city almost in the heart of Odessa. Its cosy outdoor seating area makes its a perfect spot for dining during the warm summer days. We chose from the menu (that consists of mostly Ukrainian dishes) popular Ukraine boiled young potatoes with herbs and salted cucumbers with dill, and also International salad with goat cheese. Yum!