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This happened to be an enormous meal!

Well, after shopping we were hungry, but we thought we would just split a simple salad and some grilled vegetables. And if Clinton needed more, we should just order a side of tacos. And, we thought, if we needed more taste to it, we should also order some cheese. That’s it. Seemed about perfect order. But! We could not expect that besides ordered dishes they would bring up a large portion of appetizers (a lot of vegetables and fresh warm home-made yummy bread) that we were snacking on before an order came. Overall it turned to be a lot of food! But mostly vegetables, so it was good. The place serves a mexican cuisine, is called “Syran Grupo Estoril” and is located in the upper floor of the mall
Being attracted by this sweet building, we came closer and it happened to be a restaurant called “Cumpanio”. It seemed to be a nice place for a lunch, so we chose it for our first meal experience in San Miguel de Allende. It turned to be a good (not amazing though) restaurant with few vegetarian options for us to enjoy. We ordered salads that tasted well but were rather small then they are supposed to be. Anyway, it worked for a late lunch. We liked it.
When we travel somewhere for the first time, we are always anxious about our upcoming meals. As real foodies, we hope to have a good options for us, otherwise, we might stay unsatisfied about the visited country.
For our first lunch in Mexico City we choose the restaurant called “Amimanera” that is located in a great spot overviewing Zocalo, formally known as Plaza de la Constitucion (huge public plaza in the heart of Mexico City, with most of the major attractions lying close by). We ordered salads and, luckily, stayed absolutely happy about our light simple lunch and the view that we enjoyed from the second flour of the restaurant :)
Surprisingly, it was not easy to find a place where to eat in Mar del Plata. We either could not find any, or those restaurants did not fit to our peculiar tastes. ”La Fonte D’Oro” though was the cafe where we found quite good options to eat with the variety of fresh and tasted salads. We liked food there and the service was good and fast (what is nice because the cafeteria was very busy most of the time).

Oh, I remember this terrible travel experience! Arriving to the airport much earlier before our flight back to Buenos Aires, we had at least an hour to spent there. It would not be a problem if our flight would not be delayed for more then another hour… Seemed we missed our dinner time in Buenos Aires… And as far as we did not have lunch before we left Iguazu Falls we had to eat at the airport cafe. What could foodies like us order there? This was the best option: the salad and the toasts. Well, it turned to be too boring, too plain and too far behind our expectations and hope. But we ate it anyway. It is better then starving. 

Such experiences teach us more and more to appreciate and to really enjoy gourmet meals made of fresh, good quality products.